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ISS FLOWTHROUGH offer a unique, bespoke diffused aeration/mixing system and bubble curtains to solve problems ranging from low oxygen levels, odour, toxic blue-green/cyanobacteria, duck weed, fish diversion to unobstructed marine litter collection. Using our patented regulator the ISS FLOWTRHOUGH system minimises operational costs due to the reduced air requirements.

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What we can offer you

ISS Flowthrough have developed an aeration and mixing system which is highly adaptable and will suit a variety of applications.

Our aeration and mixing system has been designed to give the client a bubble diffuser mixing system with the following benefits:

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Excellent mixing characteristics
  • Low energy requirement
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low capital cost
  • Low operating cost

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The Total Service

Aeration and mixing has long been used environmentally in the improvement of water quality in lakes, rivers industrial and in the treatment process of both wastewater effluent and and other watercourses.

Diffused air systems are a popular choice but many require complex design work to be undertaken in order to ensure that the correct flow of air is achieved through all the diffusers.

The system developed by ISS simplifies these design requirements through a uniquely developed air flow system. This patented system ensures the correct air flow through the diffusers, irrespective of the position in which the pipe-work and diffusers are laid. The ISS system is ideal for both new construction works and for retro-fitting old aeration processes with minimal interference to the day to day operation of the client.

The materials used by ISS are selected for their cost, robustness and ease of fit. This enables ISS to provide a system at a cost which is extremely competitive when compared to more traditional operations. In addition, maintenance costs are low as a result of the ease with which the system can be manoeuvred and maintained.


The Benefits To You

The benefits of using ISS Flowthrough are many. In order to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with the service, we adopt a personal approach with staff individually selected to meet a particular customer requirement. In doing this we ensure that:

You will deal with experienced, professional friendly people.

You will obtain your production time and within budget.

We will bring an international understanding of the issues.

Our technical staff are academically qualified in the service we are selling.

We will meet with our clients regularly in order to ensure that our service is the best they require.

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Conningbrook Lake, Ashford, Kent

Conningbrook Lake is a mature gravel pit that covers an area of approximately 15 hectares and water depths up to 5m in depth.

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