Unique, bespoke aerations systems, mixing systems and bubble curtains.

bubble curtain

Our systems are designed to solve problems such as low oxygen levels, toxic blue-green/cyanobacteria and fish diversion, as well as marine litter, odour and duck weed.

canary wharf aeration system

The Total Service

Aeration and mixing has long been used for the improvement of water quality in lakes, rivers and other waterbodies. These systems are also used in the treatment process of wastewater and other watercourses. Diffused air systems are a popular choice, however many require complex design work in order to ensure that the correct flow of air is achieved through all diffusers.

The system developed by ISS simplifies these design requirements because of our uniquely developed air flow system. This patented system ensures the correct air flow through the diffusers. The ISS system is ideal for both new construction works and retro-fitting old aeration processes with minimal interference.

aeration system

The materials used by ISS are selected for their cost and robustness, as well as ease of fit. This enables us to provide a system at extremely competitive costs when compared to more traditional operations. Maintenance costs are also low because of the ease with which the system can be maneuvered and maintained.

We offer the following:

These systems are a proven approach to mixing waterbodies and raising dissolved oxygen concentrations. They also tackle issues associated with stagnation. Our systems are highly adaptable and will suit a variety of applications.
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Water mixing is achieved through use of propeller mixers or aeration diffusers which are driven by compressed air. These systems are proven to ameliorate the development of blue-green algae blooms. These blooms can be toxic for both humans and animals when brought into contact.
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Bubble Curtains
Bubble barriers effectively provide a means of reducing the downstream movement of litter and debris in waterbodies. Plastic pollution is an increasing issue for our waterbodies. Other uses include reducing fish entrainment. The design of these systems is extremely flexible.
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